Friday, February 29, 2008

Initial Blog

Well, this is my first ever blog. Bummer that it took cancer in our lives to come to this. Here is the story in brief...

My husband, Ray, was diagnosed in September 2007 with Stage IV Colon Cancer. In the very beginning, they had planned immediate surgery for the tumor in the colon. Two days before that surgery, they call and say that he would instead have a colonic stent put in that day (outpatient) and begin chemo ASAP due to multiple liver lesions.

As of today, what has transpired? He has completed all required rounds of chemo (Folfox with Avastin), gotten his PET/CT scan and found that the tumors have reduced enough for liver resection....Whoopieeeeeeee!!!!

This week we met with both the liver and colon surgeon and discussed everything they will be doing. Ray claims they are going to be filleting him wide open...I'm afraid he's correct. But, if all goes well and they get all of the cancer, maybe a small price to pay.

Surgery is March 17th....more later when I have more time to play.